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WhatsApp's new message forwarding limit raises concerns

WhatsApp's recent announcement on message forwarding limit raises some concerns.

Parallels between social media misinformation campaigns in the USA and South Africa

Race and fear – the parallels between the USA experience and the South African experience are striking as far as disinformation (fake news) campaigns are concerned.

Analysis of 3 million tweets by Russian "trolls"

3 million Russian ‘troll’ tweets explored: lessons from the rest of the world.

Egypt's ridiculous licensing law for online media

In Egypt, Internet media outlets must apply for licenses or face being banned and blocked.

How to detect a deepfake video

A new form of misinformation is poised to spread through online communities as the 2018 midterm election campaigns heat up. Called “deepfakes” after the pseudonymous online account that popularized the technique – which may have chosen its name because the process uses a technical method called “deep learning” – these fake videos

Weaponized information seeks a new target on the Internet

The Russian attacks on the 2016 U.S. presidential election and the country’s continuing election-related hacking have happened across all three dimensions of cyberspace – physical, informational and cognitive. The first two are well-known: For years, hackers have exploited hardware and software flaws to gain unauthorized access to computers and