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Drop in social media and mobile money usage in Uganda

According to a newly published report, at least 15% of the people who responded to a research survey in Uganda had not used social media since the introduction of the country's social media tax. Titled "Uganda Social Media and Mobile Money Taxes Survey Report" was a result of

Uganda's President's response on the new social media and mobile money taxes

Countrymen and Countrywomen and, especially the Bazukulu. Countrymen and Countrywomen, and especially the Bazukulu. Greetings to all of you. Thank you for responding to my message of 4th July 2018 on the issue of social- media and mobile money taxes. There were many responses. Some, like Brenda Margaret, saying that

EcoCash is now up and running in Zimbabwe after 2 day outage

After a two day outage, Zimbabwe's leading and most dominant (by market share) mobile money provider, EcoCash, is back up and running after bringing most of the Southern Afrikan country's economy to almost a standstill. On 3 July 2018, many EcoCash Zimbabwe customers took to social media to express frustration

What history teaches us about tax and anarchy in Uganda

Uganda's government is imposing a de minimis tax on mobile money to make a point that they have the power to impose such taxes and more if they wish to. Besides, the country is in dire need of more tax revenues amid glaring deficiencies to combat corruption, profligate expenses, and

Mobile Money Transfers In Zimbabwe Could Help In The Fight Against Hunger And Poverty

A new mobile phone technology that enables cash transfers on a large-scale has helped vulnerable households tackle drought, poverty and hunger in Zimbabwe, a report says. The cash transfer programme, which involved the provision of cash or vouchers through mobile phones, was implemented in the country from August 2015 to

Real-time Money Transfers To Mobile Wallets In Afrika Now Possible Thanks To TerraPay And Xpress Money Partnership

Real-time money transfers to mobile wallets in Afrika will now be possible thanks to a recently announced partnership between Xpress Money and TerraPay. The partnership will make it faster and convenient for Xpress Money customers to send money to mobile accounts, in real time. This, real-time money transfer to mobile