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Getting investment for your startup πŸš€

New podcast episodes are now available on iAfrikan Radio. Our featured podcast is an episode of the iAfrikan BYTES podcast in which Fabian Whate, Head of Naspers Foundry, explains what they do and their startup investment criteria.

Investing in South African technology startups

In this iAfrikan BYTES podcast, Fabian Whate, Head of Naspers Foundry, explains what the fund and organization do to develop South Africa's technology startups and innovation ecosystem.

Naspers invests R100 million into South African startup Aerobotics

Naspers has invested R100 million in South African Agritech startup, Aerobotics. Aerobotics is a subscription-based artificial intelligence (AI) company that provides intelligent tools for the agricultural industry to manage crop health and to predict crop yields.

Naspers delivers first shipment of critical PPE for health workers in South Africa

Naspers has shipped the first shipment of personal protective equipment (PPE) has arrived in South Africa, following the company’s commitment of R1,5 billion in emergency aid to South Africa. The first PPE shipment consisted of 275,600 KN95 masks and 100,000 face shields.

The impact of COVID-19 on Naspers

Naspers provides an update on its response to the COVID-19 pandemic, and outlines its actions to safeguard its employees, customers and businesses as well as to support the communities in which it operates.

OLX Group to invest up to $400m in Berlin-based online car marketplace Frontier Car Group

OLX Group, a Prosus company, has announced that it is looking to invest up to $400 million in Berlin-based online car marketplace Frontier Car Group.

Naspers to invest R4,6 billion into South African technology businesses

Phuthi Mahanyele-Dabengwa CEO, South Africa of Naspers has reaffirmed the company’s commitment to drive more investment in backing South African technology founders and entrepreneurs.