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Does private or incognito browsing protect you from prying eyes on the web?

Private or incognito mode browsing is a useful way to cover your online tracks. It can help cover your Internet tracks by automatically deleting your browsing history and cookies when you close the browser, but that's about it.

One app to rule them all πŸ“²

Vodacom Group has announced that it will be launching a super-app in South Africa through Vodacom Financial Services. Will this super-app succeed where Vodacom failed with M-PESA in South Africa?

Less than a year after raising $170 million in VC funding, OPay is shutting down all businesses in Nigeria except payments

Chinese-owned Opera's "Super App" strategy in Nigeria has come to an abrupt end. A memo was sent to the company's employees in Nigeria, excluding those in the payments business, to shut down all operations.

The search for an African "Super App" is heating up

News as a core service has the potential to seed Africa’s first super app. It is curious that not many media houses have applied themselves towards this given their traditional reach.

This browser stops websites from mining cryptocurrencies on your computer

Opera has just become the first major web browser to officially add protection against cryptocurrency mining scripts to both its mobile and desktop browsers. In 2017 we saw the rise of in-browser cryptocurrency mining scripts with Coin Hive leading the pack and being used by some well-known websites without alerting

Opera's AI-powered news app for Afrika

Opera has announced the launch of their AI (artificial intelligence) powered news app, Opera News, targeted at Afrikan Internet users. This launch follows Opera's recent announcement that the AI-powered news service built into their Opera Mini browser grew to more than 100 million active users in less than 12 months.

New Report By Worldreader And Opera Reveals That Afrikan Women Use The Mobile Internet More Than Men

A new report by Opera and Worldreader, a digital reading non-profit organization, has revealed that women in Afrika use the mobile Internet more heavily than men. The study was conducted by the two organizations in order to understand how women in Afrika use the mobile internet. Opera ran a survey