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White CEO wanted

What started as a satirical tweet took a life of its own as it drew laughter and anger in equal measure. More importantly, it highlighted the underlying bias in Kenya's startup ecosystem.

Emoji are not ruining language

Gestures and emoji don’t break down into smaller parts, nor do they easily combine into larger words or sentences. However, they are not ruining language, instead, they are enhancing it.

Technology can help Africa's farmers

Digitisation could change the game for agriculture in Africa. Digitisation includes the delivery of agronomic advice and information via text messaging and interactive voice response.

Facebook’s main game is Calibra, not Libra

Calibra has little to do with the ideals behind blockchain. The digital wallet is more like a traditional bank account. Facebook wants to be not only the world’s biggest social media platform but also the globe’s go-to marketplace.

Preparing youth for the future of work

Corporate South Africa will need to be on top of its game to ensure that the youth are equipped with the required skills to fill these new positions that will be made available thanks to emerging technologies such as Artificial Intelligence.

Scaling up lessons from M-PESA

There are some lessons for startups in how M-PESA managed to scale across Kenya. Although some of the success can be attributed to luck, some of it was methodical.

More data won't solve social problems

Every single day, digital technologies collect our data. Despite having such large datasets, tech companies can't solve social issues, for that, we need social solutions.