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Kenya ranks poorly when it comes to privacy

From social media platforms, apps and software, operating systems and many productivity tools, a current business model is to offer the services for free and then make use of the users’ data. This has led to a carefree attitude towards privacy by users.

Kenya's payments silver bullet

We have all felt the immediate shock of key payment utilities going offline, whether as a consequence of ad-hoc system issues or scheduled maintenance. Here is a proposal on how they can be avoided.

Analysis of the historic privacy and surveillance judgement in South Africa

The Regulation of Interception of Communications and Provision of Communication Related Information Act (“RICA”), which the South African state had used to spy on journalists and possibly their lawyers and to conduct mass surveillance of its citizens, was suspended by the High Court of South Africa.

Why I stopped reading TechCrunch

For Africa, TechCrunch concentrates on closing funding from Venture Capitalists as a means to success. This sends a misguided signal to an upcoming entrepreneur who will think that one must raise several thousand dollars to create a successful venture.

Preparing for the future of work in Africa

The age of automation raises a renewed demand for humans to learn new skills, whereas current workforce trends require new ways of working. Researchers anticipate a future of improved productivity and endless potential of digital technologies.

Digital technologies are transforming African businesses

Digital technology has created new opportunities for businesses in Africa to compete on a more equal footing. However, these businesses have yet to enjoy the full benefits.

Genetic engineering and human-animal hybrids

It seems likely that more and more gene editing and other controversial practices will take place in a variety of regulated and unregulated circumstances. It may be the case that little progress is made until the types of problems outlined above become all too real.