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Implications of MySpace losing content

MySpace users were recently shocked to learn that the company lost 50 million user files. It's a harsh lesson in not leaving your intellectual property unprotected on the information superhighway.

New age telecommunications company

With an increasing number of companies using digital tools to help their smaller workforces run leaner, here is a guide on becoming a new age business and telco.

Kenya's Huduma Namba mess

Why would a government need a new number (Huduma Namba) when there is already an existing unique identifier in Kenya?

Artists not benefiting from digital music

The political economy of music distribution goes unchecked. Despite increased digital revenues, also across Africa, music markets remain characterised by bottlenecks between musicians and audiences.

HIV spreading faster than Internet access

The Internet now grabs the headlines in Africa, but the truth is HIV is spreading even faster.

Cryptocurrencies scams explained

Cryptocurrency fraudsters have swindled their victims out of hundreds of millions – even billions – of dollars. What do they do to earn people's trust and then take their money?

E-commerce struggles due to this form

E-commerce companies neglect the realities of their operating environment in Africa where well labelled streets and addresses are nearly non-existent.