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Africa needs more data centers urgently

As of December 2018, the USA accounted for 40% of all data centers in the world. This presents two main problems: capital flight and latency.

AI-powered journalism

Humans still have an edge over non-Hollywood AI in several key areas that are essential to journalism, including complex communication, expert thinking, adaptability and creativity.

Driverless cars will disrupt airlines

Skipping the hassle of flying – and the different headache of driving – gives self-driving cars a leg up when people are choosing how to travel.

Before you jump on the IoT bandwagon

IoT offers numerous potential opportunities for businesses to improve operational efficiencies. However, before jumping on the IoT bandwagon, it is important to define your business challenge as well as the operational requirements of a potential IoT solution.

Brain training games are mostly BS

There are reasons to be skeptical, of both the quality of the evidence presented so far and the questionable assumptions that underlie claims of improved cognitive function after brain training.

Strategies to make extra $500 in 30 days

Making an extra $500 in just 30 days may seem like an impossible task, but in the age of limitless technology, there are ample opportunities on the web and abroad to make extra money in as little as 30 days.

The new scramble for Africa

The key concerns underpinning growth and development in Africa remain power, infrastructure, and education. This is despite concerns around the negative effects of Brexit and the potential the Africa Continental Free Trade Area presents.