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The benefits and risks of Big Data

How to ensure the benefits of big data outweigh the risks.

Abdul Khalik Farouk charged for publishing "fake news" in Egypt

Egypt's authorities have arrested Abdul Khalik Farouk for criticizing the government's handling of the economy and charged him with publishing fake news.

Egypt's ridiculous licensing law for online media

In Egypt, Internet media outlets must apply for licenses or face being banned and blocked.

Malawi is about to force businesses to accept digital payments

Malawi wants to force companies to offer customers at least one digital payment channel as an option to use for payments.

Kenya to use blockchain technology to allocate affordable housing

Kenya is set to use a blockchain based solution to allocate affordable housing.

How civic technology can help governments engage with citizens

Eldrid Jordaan, founder and CEO of GovChat, talks about the tough journey of building the civic technology platform and how it can help governments.

Kenya needs proactive regulation of the mobile handsets market

Given fake mobile devices in the market and some manufacturers harvesting data from phones without consent, Kenya needs to consider regulation of this market urgently.