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Fake accounts targeted African elections

An Israeli company, Archimedes Group, ran fake accounts on Facebook and Instagram to try and influence elections in some African countries.

Kenya's Huduma Namba mess

Why would a government need a new number (Huduma Namba) when there is already an existing unique identifier in Kenya?

Securing South Africa's election systems from hackers

Are South Africa's election systems safe from cyber attacks?

South Africa's 2019 elections portal

How to keep track of the 2019 South African National and Provincial election results in real-time.

Google’s algorithms are biased

Google's algorithms reflect bias against members of racialized and gendered groups.

South Africans resist mobile campaigns

South African voters felt that mobile political campaigns were intrusive, violated their privacy and made them feel disillusioned with the political process.

Internet shutdowns don't reduce protests

Internet shutdowns deprive people of impartial information and crucial connections with loved ones, without delivering improved safety or stability.