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We need to find a solution to ending Internet shutdowns in Africa

Given that we have established a pattern of how Internet shutdowns tend to happen across Africa, how do we ensure they do not happen in African countries and also, as important, how do we punish governments that shutdown the Internet?

Welcome to the People's Republic of Facebook

Despite Libra currently being on shaky ground after several partners pulled out, Facebook remains on course to become a virtual nation state given not only Libra as a currency, but the company's pursuit to develop an open standard for digital IDs.

Encryption's role in the liberation of South Africa

During Apartheid, the movement and communications of political activists in South Africa were monitored by the National Party government of the time. As such, the ANC developed an encryption solution to evade detection.

Making sense of South Africa’s new copyright bill

The United States may violate the World Trade Organisation rules if it punishes South Africa for adopting a new copyright bill, explain two US trade experts.

Radio broadcasting as a form of political struggle

The Portuguese colonisers were not the only ones who could use radio for control. A new book tells how popular radio broadcasts from Angola's liberation fighters were used as weapons in the struggle.

Identifying the most economic energy technologies across Africa

When it comes to clean energy, research shows that wind energy systems are only economically favourable in the horn of Africa — Djibouti, Eritrea, Ethiopia and Somalia — because of the high average wind speed in this region of Africa.

A cashless society is the beginning of surveillance capitalism

With digital money surveillance (as we are currently witnessing with our personal data on various digital platforms) comes control and the ability for various actors in that cashless society supply chain to restrict how you use YOUR money or withhold it.