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DJI introduces government solutions

Chinese drone manufacturer, DJI, has introduced a Government Edition solution for security conscious government agencies. One of the notable features is that Government Edition drones do not require DJI activation to function.

Trump is wrong on Chinese exports

When you crack open an Apple iPhone. you’ll begin to see why US President Donald Trump and his ongoing trade war with China doesn’t make sense. The components of an iPhone add up to a different cost than the phone itself.

Donald Trump lifts Huawei ban

US President Donald Trump has said that Huawei can now resume trading with American companies. Trump announced this during a news conference at the Group of 20 meeting in Japan.

Internet shutdowns are a power move

Internet shutdowns have enormous social, legal, ethical, and political implications. Rhetoric about national Internet sovereignty can be dangerous because it can enable authoritarian governments to cut off access to crucial communications tools.

Failed coup leads to Internet shutdown

After shutting down the Internet a few weeks ago during national high school exams, Ethiopia's authorities have now shut the Internet down after what is reported to be a failed coup attempt. The coup attempt saw the Chief of Staff of the army killed.

Nigerian army "launches" drones

Nigeria's army has announced its "Special Anti-Kidnapping Squad" and the use of technology to fight terrorists and kidnappers. What is curious is that it looks like they will be using 2 DJI Phantom 4 Pro drones that are better suited for photography and shooting of videos by civilians.

South Africa’s new cabinet reshuffle

South Africa's departments of science and technology and higher education have been merged. The government needs to explain the realignment to key institutions.