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Radio in Ghana went from a mouthpiece of politicians to a voice of the people

Even in the age of social media, the majority of people in Ghana still listen to radio. There has been a steady rise in radio production in Ghana over the past 20 years.

We are prone to dismissing facts that don’t fit our worldview

Whether in situations relating to scientific consensus, economic history or current political events, denialism has its roots in what psychologists call 'motivated reasoning.'

South Africa to start regulating e-cigarettes

The number of users of e-cigarettes in South Africa is likely to grow and there are health risks associated with them. Now is probably the time to act and regulate e-cigarettes in South Africa.

Government regulation of digital technology or content is a slippery slope

The problem with allowing governments to ban, block, or regulate digital content is that they ultimately find a way to use that law to ban content that is actually not extremist nor terrorist but it criticizes them and they don’t like it.

Cambridge Analytica's elections interference in Nigeria and Kenya

There’s a growing awareness that Cambridge Analytica harnessed social media and personal data to influence elections including in countries such as Kenya and Nigeria.

Digitizing government services appears to be failing

There’s a lot of talk of using technology for delivering government services but from observing and being a customer of many of these offerings, it looks like whoever is implementing them is completely detached from the people and the processes involved.

Artificial Intelligence can help in fighting fake news

The first week of September 2019 was an interesting one in South Africa. Although at first I didn’t tweet about the issues happening in South Africa during that time, I later decided to run a sort of experiment to see if fact checking on Twitter can help curb fake news.