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Attempts to regulate online media growing across Africa

The biggest threats are the concentration of media ownership and attempts to legislate the online media environment.

Nigeria has started issuing e-passports

New e-passports now being rolled out to citizens who applied.

Benin's government has shut down the Internet during elections

With parliamentary elections which exclude all opposition candidates kicking off on 28 April 2019, Benin's government has decided to shut down the Internet amid protests.

No intention to impose tax on social media Ads - Egypt's Ministry of Finance

Egypt has stated that it has no intentions to impose a tax on social media Ads.

Kenya's government to use Artificial Intelligence to allocate affordable housing

Kenya's government has stated that it will use Artificial Intelligence to allocate affordable housing, however, it makes no mention of the blockchain solution it previously said it would use for the same purpose.

Artificial Intelligence could threaten democracy

Even governments in democracies with strong traditions of rule of law find themselves tempted to abuse these new abilities.

Facebook to focus on election integrity ahead of South Africa’s national elections

Ahead of South Africa’s national elections, Facebook says it is looking to reduce the spread of fake news and support civic engagement on its platform.