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The future of your personal data

Many people do not know what they are giving up in order to be able to use their favourite FREE apps and online services. This is only about to get more complicated as the collection of personal data extends to biological data.

Facebook’s new ‘privacy cop’ is doomed to fail

If properly designed, the t=role of the FTC enforced Facebook cop could be truly game-changing – one of a forceful privacy cop setting the standards for how the power of big technology firms is managed from here on. However, it is more likely that it is doomed.

Facebook agrees to pay $5 billion fine

The USA's Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has announced that Facebook agreed to pay a $5 billion fine with regards to privacy violations. In a separate but related case, the FTC also announced enforcement actions against Cambridge Analytica.

Nando's website leaked user data

Nando's has confirmed and subsequently pulled down its Firestarters campaign website after it was revealed that it is leaking users' personal data. The website was running Vision Critical's solution for surveys.

A worrying Google Photos privacy flaw

A newly discovered flaw in Google Photos raises concerns around privacy. Specifically, Google Photos allows anyone with your shared link to view your photos, whether you shared with them or not.

How much is your personal data worth?

Have you ever thought how much your data is worth to Big Tech companies like Facebook? One research study estimated that a user’s Facebook profile was worth about $100 on average.

FaceApp highlights a perennial problem

FaceApp highlights a perennial problem among users on the Internet, that they hardly read the Privacy Policy or Terms of Use. It is worth taking time out to read what an app is all about before you use it.