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We should data-proof our children

We street-proof our kids. Why aren’t we data-proofing them? The growing presence in classrooms of computers, devices and the Internet raises concerns about children’s privacy and data collection by large corporations like Google.

Nobody reads privacy policies

Consumers can't read, understand or use information in companies' privacy policies. So they end up less informed and less protected than they'd like to be. New research shows a better way.

Collection of refugees biometric data puts them at risk

Another problem related to aid organizations collecting biometric data from refugees is that when such data is collected, refugees are not in a position to make an informed decision on whether or not to agree.

Kenya ranks poorly when it comes to privacy

From social media platforms, apps and software, operating systems and many productivity tools, a current business model is to offer the services for free and then make use of the users’ data. This has led to a carefree attitude towards privacy by users.

Analysis of the historic privacy and surveillance judgement in South Africa

The Regulation of Interception of Communications and Provision of Communication Related Information Act (“RICA”), which the South African state had used to spy on journalists and possibly their lawyers and to conduct mass surveillance of its citizens, was suspended by the High Court of South Africa.

Garmin hacked and customer credit card details stolen

Garmin notified its South African customers that their data personal data was compromised as a result of an alleged hacking incident. Apparently around 6,700 customers' personal data and credit card details were stolen as a result.

South African court rules bulk interception of communications unlawful

The South Gauteng High Court has ruled that mass and indiscriminate surveillance by the state on South Africans is illegal in a historic RICA judgement. However, the registration of SIM cards was not ruled on and will continue as per normal.