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Online web browsing logs of over 1 million people across Africa leaked

Over a million Internet users across Africa have had their web browsing habits exposed online. This is because a South African company, Conor, which counts many ISPs and telcos as clients, left a database with user web browsing logs publicly available online.

The darker side of personal digital assistants

When hosting a dinner party, are you obliged to let your guests know that you own a smart device like Amazon Echo or Google Home? The answer is yes, according to a privacy researcher.

A cashless society is the beginning of surveillance capitalism

With digital money surveillance (as we are currently witnessing with our personal data on various digital platforms) comes control and the ability for various actors in that cashless society supply chain to restrict how you use YOUR money or withhold it.

Financial inclusion in Africa is more like financial exclusion

Over the years, most of what has been marketed as financial inclusion across Africa is anything but inclusive. These offerings are exploitative and predatory and over time they erode the little value that their target market already has from their income.

A playful way to teach children about online privacy

Boris the BabyBot is a book that takes a silly, fun and subversive look at the world of digital surveillance for kids. The story follows the misadventures of a baby-tracking robot and a baby that can’t be tracked.

The darker side of drones and Artificial Intelligence

A lack of legislation could leave African countries vulnerable to data abuse when it comes to the use of drones and Artificial Intelligence for development purposes. As such, researchers are being urged to consider ethical implications of AI tools before their deployment.

Website privacy options are hard to find and use

Many websites offer the ability to 'opt out" of targeted advertisements, but doing so isn't easy. Simplifying and standardizing opt-outs would help improve privacy on the web.