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DeepNude app shut down by creator

DeepNude, an app that used an Artificial Intelligence technique to generate realistic looking nude photos of women has been shut down by the creator. In a statement, the creator has said that the world is not yet ready for DeepNude.

Advocate Tlakula to serve at the UN

Advocate Pansy Tlakula has been elected to serve on the UN Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination (CERD). She will still continue to work as the chairperson of the Information Regulator (South Africa).

Safaricom sued for alleged data leak

In what is an unprecedented lawsuit in Kenya, Safaricom is being sued for an alleged data leak. Benedict Kabugi, a Safaricom customer, is has filed a lawsuit against the company for apparently having the personal data of customers leaked.

The decentralized web

Despite Big Tech invading and abusing our privacy, A third generation of web technology might offer a way to change things.

Huduma Namba ready in a month

Kenya's government has said that it will start issuing unique Huduma Nambas to citizens in a month. Thereafter electronic cards containing a citizen's data will will be issued, these will contain all data held by different government organizations in Kenya.

LaLiga's own goal as app spied on fans

Spain's top football league which has gained popularity in Africa over the years has been fined € 250,000 for using its app users geolocation and microphone to record their audio surroundings. They said this was to catch bars not licensed to broadcast LaLiga matches.

George Orwell's 1984 is our world today

In the year 1984, there was self-congratulatory coverage that the dystopia of George Orwell's novel had not been realized. However, an expert argues that the technologies described in the novel are here and watching us.