Protection of Personal Information Act

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How cybercriminals are taking advantage of the COVID-19 pandemic

As with what other countries are already experiencing, the cybercriminals may pretend to be providing coronavirus screening and testing, providing coronavirus vaccines being imported from other countries, providing medical advice on coronavirus.

Importance of data science governance

A lack of data science governance can derail any efforts and investments around Artificial Intelligence and digital transformation as they primarily dependent on mature data strategies.

The importance of HTTPS

Using HTTPS for your website, even if it is a static website, is important.

Companies need to be more responsible with customer data

With data breaches an ongoing and increasingly serious problem, it’s become clear that just securing the network perimeter is no longer sufficient.

How data miners can influence a voter’s behaviour

While canvasing tactics such as door-to-door visits and phone calls may have been effective in the past, technology has emerged as the new medium in which to influence voter behaviour.

Why GDPR probably doesn’t apply to the Liberty data breach

Liberty Group (“Liberty”) released a communication on 18 June 2018, advising that “it has been subjected to illegal and unauthorised access to its IT infrastructure”. The data that was the subject of the breach seemed to be “largely emails and possibly attachments.” GDPR background About 3 weeks before that, on

Kenya to publish Draft Data Protection Bill

Joseph Mucheru, Kenya's Minister of Information, Communication and Technology, has said that the Draft Data Protection Bill will be published during June 2018 for consideration and comment. The Draft Data Protection Bill will focus on how various businesses and organizations should handle the personal data of Kenyans. Furthermore, the draft