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New online database on education R&D in Afrika launched

A database on education research conducted by Africa-based researchers has been launched to raise the visibility and impact of such research. The database, which has about 2,000 education research including theses and working papers on 49 African countries, resulted from the collaboration between the Research for Equitable Access and

Diversity as the central axis in research

The percentage of female researchers in Latin America is among the highest in the world. It has reached 44 per cent, compared with the global average of 28 per cent. However, a gender gap persists, standing in the way of women scientists having the same opportunities and recognition as their

Kenya's Internet Is Largely Free From Censorship, A Five-Month Study On Access And Online Activity Has Shown

Over the last five months, the Open Observatory of Network Interference ran OONI tests in Kenya to examine whether internet censorship events were occurring in the country. Hundreds of thousands of network measurements were collected and analysed. 1,357 URLs were tested for censorship, including both international websites and sites