Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe

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Anonymous kickstarts DDoS protest against Zimbabwe's government

#OpZimbabwe underway as the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe website is brought down by hacktivism group, Anonymous.

Cryptocurrency ban in Zimbabwe not stopping Golix ICO

Zimbabwe may have taken a big leap backwards when the central bank banned banks from processing cryptocurrency transactions and payments although the countryโ€™s Golix exchange for cryptocurrencies is pressing ahead with its ICO despite the ban which has sparked widespread debate on social media. Bitcoin traders and investors in

Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe warns that Bitcoin is illegal

The Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ) has warned Zimbabweans that Bitcoin is not legal in the country. This was made clear by Norman Mataram, Director and Registrar of banking institutions at RBZ, when he made a public statement warning Zimbabweans against using Bitcoin as it was illegal in the country.

Bitcoin Price Soared To $7,200 In Zimbabwe

The price of Bitcoin in Zimbabwe has soared to a remarkable $7,200 compared to the global price of $3,900 at the time of publishing. This is the price that the cryptocurrency reached on 25 September 2017 on a BitcoinFundi, a Zimbabwean Bitcoin Exchange. For several years Zimbabwe has

Zimbabwe's Small And Medium Enterprises Form A Key Part Of The Country's National Financial Inclusion Strategy

Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) form a key part of Zimbabwe's National Financial Inclusion Strategy which was initiated in 2016. This is one of the key topics being discussed at a three-day conference on SME Finance which kicked off in Zimbabwe on 5 July 2017. ![Zimbabwe National Financial Inclusion Strategy]