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Rwanda is introducing electric motos

Rwanda has started phasing out petrol motorcycles and introducing electric ones. Known as e-motos in the East African country, the new e-motos fit in with the government's plans to keep Rwanda clean and protect the environment.

Rwanda to possibly issue national digital currency

The National Bank of Rwanda has announced that the East African country is looking into the possibility of introducing a national digital currency. One of the main concerns, however, is that of fraud.

Uganda and Rwanda agree to unblock news websites

Rwanda and Uganda have agreed to unblock news websites of each others country's. This follows President Kagame and President Museveni signing a peace agreement in Angola to end a 2 year diplomatic stand-off.

Celebrating Africa’s digital potential

The next wave of global digital innovations and apps will likely come from Africa and be taken to the rest of the world. Africa’s young population could be its greatest asset in an age where many other regions in the world are aging.

Kaspersky Lab will open office in Kigali

Kaspersky Lab will open an office in Kigali, Rwanda to boost its presence in East Africa.

Africa's digital economy needs support

At the Transform Africa Summit 2019, Paul Kagame, President of Rwanda, urged everyone to make it their responsibility to grow and develop Africa's digital economy.

Growing Africa's digital economy

Africa needs to prepare itself to be able to take advantage of the Continental Free Trade Area agreement to grow the continent's digital economy.