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Kenya’s Internet balloons are expected to bridge the digital

How Kenya's Internet balloons will work and the opportunities they can bring to the East African country.

It’s important to understand fluid mechanics in order to make sense of COVID-19

Knowing how fluids move can help us understand virus transmission better. What scientists are learning may also inform government policy to reduce the spread of future pandemics like COVID-19.

Katekani Ngobeni, young South African scientist fighting COVID-19

Katekani Ngobeni has worked in the field of infection prevention and control locally for nearly 10 years. Ngobeni is using her experience to provide scientific advice and training countrywide in a bid to curb the spread of the virus.

Africa's information and knowledge gap

Africa needs to be better prepared to deal with future pandemics. That should start with a re-assessment of how countries invest in – and support – local research.

The importance of science journalism during a pandemic

The COVID-19 emergency requires accurate and reliable information However, many media outlets do not have enough journalists trained in science.

Africa’s COVID-19 R&D priorities

A new study focusing on Africa uncovers new COVID-19 R&D priorities relevant to the continent. African policymakers should use the findings to prioritise research funding.

COVID-19 could prove to be a springboard for R&D across Africa

COVID-19 is taking heavy toll on Africa’s already fragile healthcare systems. It has also led to increased R&D for creating long-term solutions that could help the continent.