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Robots teaching children could be a reality sooner than you think

Robots in the classroom are highly engaging and motivating for students, and can have a cascading effect on learning across an entire school.

Teaching mathematics and science using a home language and technology boosts learning

Schools should consider offering mobile learning technology in multiple languages to help pupils learn better in subjects like maths and science

Morocco's Ismahan Elouafi on the need for more women in science

Interview with Ismahan Elouafi, named among the 20 most influential women in the Muslim world.

Black churches, medical scientists, and the Nobel Prize for Medicine

Why don't Black churches donate some of their money to health initiatives?

The Nobel Prize has never been awarded to a black scientist

We need action if black scientists are ever to receive the highest level of recognition.

Mala Suriah talks about education funding, trends and STEM

Interview with Mala Suriah, CMO at Fundi (South Africa) on funding education, STEM, and trends to watch.

New weather stations to help Uganda with climate resilience

Uganda’s new weather stations are looking to aid climate resilience