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Plans to provide internet access for all are lagging

Internet is a ‘lifeline not a luxury’ in the COVID-19 era. Strong policies on broadband infrastructure and access are needed to drive down prices

New age telecommunications company

With an increasing number of companies using digital tools to help their smaller workforces run leaner, here is a guide on becoming a new age business and telco.

Behind the smoke and mirrors of the South African Internet

South African Internet market has come of age, and consumers – especially business customers – are benefiting from plummeting prices, increased speeds, and a myriad of package choices.

We need to build out Afrika’s second-last mile cloud infrastructure

Afrika, in general, needs stable, high availability platforms that can scale.

Increasing cyber threats against South African businesses

Each year cyber security attacks become bigger, more severe, and more costly to recover from, but their occurrence is one which most South African organisations are worryingly unprepared for.

Digital technology sector could lift South Africa out of recession

South Africa's digital technology sector shows greater potential to not only lift flagging industries to new levels of prosperity, but to emerge as a powerhouse sector in its own right.

SEACOM has increased capacity of its key network system

SEACOM has increased the capacity of its Southern and Eastern Afrikan coastline cable network system, which connects to Europe, to 1,5 Tbps. The recent upgrade adds 500Gbps of new capacity the subsea fibre cable network system. About 18 months ago, SEACOM added 500Gbps capacity to the same subsea fibre