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Scouting for the best Afrikan startups

A look at some of the lessons that Seedstars have learned in 2018 while scouting for the best startups in Afrika.

Showcasing some of Afrika's best startups

Seedstars Africa Summit is foing to Tanzania and it will gather prominent players in the fields of technology, entrepreneurship and impact investment under the same roof for a three-day forum.

AgriTech startup wins Seedstars Harare

Rera, a Zimbabwean startup that has developed a platform to allow retail consumers to farm their own chickens and save up to 40% from buying poultry produce without having to own the infrastructure of a chicken farm, won first prize at the recently held Seedstars Harare event. Winning Seedstars Harare

Seedstars opens Seedspace Cape Town co-working hub

Seedstars has opened their second Seedspace co-working hub in Cape Town, South Africa. Seedspace Cape Town is the second such hub in Afrika by Seedstars after it opened Seedspace Cairo in earlier in 2018. Seedstars is a Swiss-based company that brings together key stakeholders focused on driving technological change in

Kenya's SolarFreeze wins the best energy access startup prize

Kenya's SolarFreeze was awarded the Africa Energy Prize at the recently held RES-EXPO conference. SolarFreeze makes and sells solar-powered cold storage unit systems that provide refrigeration services to smallholder farmers and traders with no need for grid connection. The prize was awarded to SolarFreeze by The Enel Group, through its

Seedstars concluded 2017 with their regional summit in Mozambique

To close off 2017, Seedstars World brought together some of the best and most promising entrepreneurs together with ecosystem players, mentors, investors, corporates and other entrepreneurs across Afrika in Maputo, Mozambique for their Seedstars Africa Summit. The summit was held during December 2017 to conclude a year in which Seedstars

What needs to be done to build technology ecosystems across Afrika

For the past 2 years I have been privileged to visit over 20+ countries across Afrika to scout for the best technology entrepreneurs and work with a number of passionate startup ecosystem builders. With new challenges and opportunities presenting themselves constantly, everyone involved in building these ecosystems has taken it