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Dangote Cement keeping an eye on staff

Dangote Cement will be using an iris based technology system to keep an eye on approximately 30,000 staff across 5 countries. The biometric system will also be linked to its payment system to ensure staff is compensated accordingly based on their attendance.

Fake accounts targeted African elections

An Israeli company, Archimedes Group, ran fake accounts on Facebook and Instagram to try and influence elections in some African countries.

New digital platform for public health insurance in Senegal

Senegal new digital platform for universal health insurance.

The benefits and risks of Big Data

How to ensure the benefits of big data outweigh the risks.

Why NASA chose Senegal

Senegal has made great strides in astronomy and planetary sciences in recent years.

NASA set to observe outer planets from Senegal

A mission of 40 NASA scientists is heading to Senegal at the start of August 2018, to help with the planning for the final stage the New Horizons space mission to observe the outer planets. It will also strengthen science in the country, says David Baratoux, the chairman of the

Akon, AKoin, and the real-life Wakanda

Senegalese musician, Akon, has announced his new cryptocurrency, AKoin. More interesting is that AKoin forms an important part of Akon's plans for a "crypto city" or what he has called a "Real-life Wakanda." According to the AKoin website, the real-life Wakanda will be built on 2,