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Cameroon’s anti-graft agency has warned that WhatsApp and Facebook crime on the rise

Fraudsters in Cameroon are posing as officials of institutions organizing public examinations and have been contacting their victims using popular social media networks such as Facebook and WhatsApp.

Kenya's social media landscape in 2020

A new report on how Kenyans are using social media has been published for 2020. The number of Kenyans who use Facebook declined by 6.8%. On the other hand, Instagram, TikTok, and Snapchat have seen an increase in the number of users.

Young Nigerians offer some insights on how the online and offline worlds find one another

While the Internet and social media have changed young Nigerians' communication styles and even language, they have not reduced communication.

Nigeria's Hushpuppi handed over to the FBI for hundreds of millions in alleged online scams

After a lengthy investigation by the USA's FBI with the assistance of Dubai police, Nigeria's Ramon Olorunwa Abbas who is popularly known as Hushpuppi on Instagram, has been extradited to the USA for alleged involvement in Business E-mail Compromise scams.

Fighting the COVID-19 infodemic across Africa

To contain and mitigate the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) misinformation pandemic needs multi-levelled, socio-cultural approaches.

Most people are angry on Twitter on Mondays, here is an explanation why

Is online anger a predictor of assaults? A research study just published suggests the answer is a clear β€œno”. Also, angry tweet counts increased in cooler weather. And as daily maximum temperatures rose, angry tweet counts decreased.

A look at how TikTok got political

The primary uses of TikTok are for viral dances, comedy challenges, and demonstrations of visual flair such as makeup and cosplay memes, but recently there has been increased political content.