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Facebook’s privacy pivot

CEO Mark Zuckerberg's claimed intent to focus on privacy will be hard to execute, will not happen soon and does not address major concerns about the company's role in society.

South Africa will be tracking social media fake news ahead of the 2019 elections

Google is set tho help South Africa track down social media predators ahead of the 2019 elections.

Twitter doesn't delete your deleted DMs

Even after 11 years, Twitter still does not delete your deleted Direct Messages (DMs).

How Facebook is fighting fake news across Afrika

What Facebook is doing to reduce the spread of misinformation, protect election integrity and support civic engagement across the continent.

Emojis are still not more representative

Emoji may be becoming more inclusive, but greater engagement with those that they intend to represent is still needed.

Facebook has gone from being a friend to a frenemy

Facebook users no longer see the site as a confidant. They're struggling with how to deal with a messy codependence – and whether to just break up and move on with healthier friends.

Uganda loses 5 million Internet users as a result of Social Media Tax

As a result of the Social Media tax introduced in 2018, Uganda has seen a significant drop in Internet users.