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The role social media plays during a pandemic like COVID-19

The community networks that social platforms host go much deeper than the technology. They have enabled a shift in the way we communicate with each other – especially in a crisis.

Stopping COVID-19 false information from spreading on social media is difficult

Twitter's efforts to label misinformation during the US primaries haven't met with success. So how do we sift useful coronavirus information from wrong or downright dangerous untruths?

The currency of likes, retweets, and followers

With the commercial value and relevance that is attached to impressions, some people will do what it takes to get the followers and be influential, or at least appear influential.

Dating apps are not the cause for your terrible love life

It is certainly not the case that technology is driving people apart. There is mounting evidence to counter the idea that social media and dating apps are contributing to the problem of social ties in human relations weakening.

The day the free platforms shut down

One day you will wake up and find that your favorite social media and blogging platforms have shut down, disappearing with the online community of fans and followers that you built. What happens then?

The top 50 websites that Kenyans most visited

While the list of the top most visited websites in Kenya keeps changing from time to time, it is an important indicator of what Kenyans are doing online.

Uganda is using cyber laws to block activists on social media

There is a strong framework of international laws and conventions that defend free speech, but Uganda continues to limit freedom of expression especially when the people criticise their president.