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Risky practices by motorcycle riders threaten road safety in Nigeria

Researchers examined and interviewed almost 400 motorcycle patients in three hospitals in Southwest Nigeria, seeking to find out more about this apparent mystery.

Guide to online casinos – top gambling and casino information

If you are new to online casinos, you’ll first need to get acquainted with the requirements and the trails of the industry to ensure that your gambling experience is both rewarding and pleasurable. Different games are played with unique rules.

Is cybersecurity in South Africa lagging behind the rest of the world?

With news of high profile ‘hacks’ and breaches of cybersecurity dominating the headlines over the last number of years, cybersecurity is a hot topic today as the world conducts an increasing amount of activity online.

Fox Sports Africa to be rebranded to ESPN

The FOX Sports and FOX Sports 2 channels that have been a mainstay on the TV guides of African sports fans across the continent will be rebranded to ESPN and ESPN2 from 30 August 2019. This is part of Fox Sports Africa rebranding to ESPN.

A look into this week's biggest African business news

With all the technology available today, it just seems like more and more businesses are coming up with more unique and creative ways to draw customers from the competition. Just take a look at some of these remarkable African business stories.

The final frontier: marketing challenges in Africa

Many consider Africa to be the final frontier for a business looking to grow its brand's presence. The variability of consumer groups in Africa is where an advertising agency can be of significant help.

How to improve the interior design of your home with a triptych canvas portrait

A triptych is an art form that is popular among artists for many reasons. It is used on all mediums indistinctly: paintings, photographs, drawings ... always to tell a story.