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Afrikan startup funding reports have an iceberg problem

Afrikan tech startup funding reports present an unbalanced view of startups and the sectors they operate in.

The West's unconscious bias against tech in Afrika

The West has an unconscious bias against technology in Afrika.

Year of cryptocurrencies fluctuation

The world of crypto in 2018 was characterised by massive price fluctuations, regulatory changes and social media monitoring.

Some South African FinTech startups to watch in 2019

South African FinTech startups to watch in 2019.

Betting on the Internet of Afrikan Things

The Internet of Afrikan Things   takes a different dimension. It sits at the intersection of electricity and Internet (just like its IoT contemporary).

What to expect from South Africa's FinTech sector in 2019

South African FinTech predictions for 2019.

How we can boost blockchain adoption in South Africa

Blockchain adoption remains quite sluggish in South Africa – with few real-world transformational examples of the technology.