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How to protect your privacy like a hacker

Protecting individual privacy from government intrusion is older than American democracy. In 1604, the attorney general of England, Sir Edward Coke, ruled that a man’s house is his castle. This was the official declaration that a homeowner could protect himself and his privacy from the king’s agents. That

SimilarWeb has been stealing users' browsing history

In January 2017, Justin Hindman announced that Stylish, a popular open-source web browser extension he had created that allows users to apply any style sheet (CSS) to any web page, had been acquired by web analytics and market research company, SimilarWeb. It has now been revealed that SimilarWeb has been

Surveillance cameras pose a threat to privacy

Locational privacy is a fairly new and novel aspect of privacy rights. It refers to the right of people to move about freely, without having their movements tracked. But as CCTV cameras become more widespread in public spaces for use in a range of functions such as crime-fighting, it’s