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Failed coup leads to Internet shutdown

After shutting down the Internet a few weeks ago during national high school exams, Ethiopia's authorities have now shut the Internet down after what is reported to be a failed coup attempt. The coup attempt saw the Chief of Staff of the army killed.

South African app stops airtime from disappearing

This South African app says it can protect you from your airtime getting stolen.

Increase in SIM swap fraud across Africa

In South Africa, SIM swap fraud more than doubled in the last year, according a report of South African Banking Risk Information Centre (SABRIC).

Internet shutdowns don't reduce protests

Internet shutdowns deprive people of impartial information and crucial connections with loved ones, without delivering improved safety or stability.

New additions to MTN Group Board

Ex-South African President , Emir of Kano and ex-Deputy Finance Minister in South Africa appointed to MTN Group Board of Directors.

MTN could sell half its stake in JUMIA

MTN, the single largest investor in JUMIA, might consider selling half its shareholding in the e-commerce company.

Android's effect on the mobile industry

With their purchase of Android in 2005, Google has changed the world of smartphones.