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What Safaricom's 5G network means for Kenya

The real opportunity in 5G is in new use cases that have been impossible or limited due to low data transfer speeds. People will have better experience in online gaming and virtual reality could become an actual reality.

Internet shutdown and protests in Senegal as Sonko gets arrested for rape

Since Friday, 5 March 2021, Senegal has experienced an internet and social media shutdown. This is amidst ongoing protests by citizens in the West African country.

Safaricom’s Fair Usage Policy causes a stir in Kenya

Although many broadband connections are marketed as "unlimited internet," the term is misleading. There's no such thing as an infinite internet capacity.

Terrorism is a threat to telecommunications in Northern Kenya

The game plan by Al-Shabaab was usually to cut off communication before launching attacks on their targets thus hindering response from security personnel. However, this now seems to be an end in itself, as destroying communication masts is a form of economic terrorism that will frustrate Kenya.

The impact of 5G on South African businesses

5G will impact the generation and protection of information of the business positively. South African organizations will eventually get to the point where they are fully prepared for 5G, but at this point, we still have some way to go.

A failed step towards digital inclusion

As engineers at Loon wrap up and move on to other projects, we are hopeful that the world is one step closer to helping the people in many parts of the world get affordable internet.

Alphabet discontinues its internet balloons project

As a result of high risk and not being commercially viable, Loon, Alphabet's internet balloons project, is being shut down.