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How to boost your Internet speed while working from home

Your mobile Internet bandwidth is shared with others in your area. That's why many people trying to access the Internet at the same time results in slower speeds.

Monitoring rainfall using mobile phone towers

The findings on how mobile phone towers can be used to monitor rainfall suggest that farmers will benefit from more accurate crop yield monitoring.

How the false theory around 5G and COVID-19 gained widespread coverage

Conspiracy theories about 5G causing coronavirus have led to attacks on phone masts. Here is an explanation why 5G conspiracy theories prosper during the coronavirus pandemic.

5G does not cause the spread of COVID-19

Conspiracy theories often arise when people try to make sense of the world they live in, especially when it is being disrupted like the time we are living in. One such conspiracy theory that is making the rounds is that 5G is the cause of COVID-19.

Internet shutdowns are negatively affecting millions of Ethiopians

Internet shutdowns are not unusual in Ethiopia. Since 2016 the internet has been shut down at least six times. In 2019 alone, Ethiopia experienced three major internet disruptions across the country.

Mohamed Salah partners with Vodafone and UNHCR as their first Instant Network Schools ambassador

Mohamed Salah is the first Ambassador for Instant Network Schools – which connects refugee and host country students to a quality digital education – as the program prepares to expand into his home country of Egypt for the first time.

The problem with mobile Internet in Kenya

The mobile Internet needs to be available just like electricity and water. In most places around the world, one can have the two in unlimited amounts, and at an affordable cost.