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Everything announced at the first Google for South Africa event

Google held the first Google for South Africa event on 7 November 2019 after previously holding 3 Google for Nigeria events. Here is everything announced at the event.

Bus ride-hailing services are facing difficulties in Kenya

Attempts to bring major disruptions in this industry have always failed. However, a different kind of service has been gaining popularity in Kenya; ride hailing companies. However, in a different twist, the government has joined the party as a spoiler.

Cargo drones are set to transform the transport and logistics sector

While there may be concerns that the effect of cargo drones could be adverse, experts remain optimistic as startup disruptions, major technological advancements and figures suggest a positive state-of-affairs.

Risky practices by motorcycle riders threaten road safety in Nigeria

Researchers examined and interviewed almost 400 motorcycle patients in three hospitals in Southwest Nigeria, seeking to find out more about this apparent mystery.

Rwanda is introducing electric motos

Rwanda has started phasing out petrol motorcycles and introducing electric ones. Known as e-motos in the East African country, the new e-motos fit in with the government's plans to keep Rwanda clean and protect the environment.

New Toyota and Lexus vehicles in South Africa get Wi-Fi

From September 2019, all new Toyota vehicles will come fitted with a device that opens up a whole new world of features. When you opt in you’ll have access to Wi-Fi capability and a host of convenient Connect services.

South Africa's President test drives the semi-autonomous Nissan Leaf

As part of his visit and joining other African leaders in Japan, South Africa's President Cyril Ramaphosa visited Nissan's global headquarters where he test drove the Nissan Leaf electric car.