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Public transport in African cities and the spread of COVID-19

In several African cities, overcrowding is rampant in the public transport sector. This is a problem when it comes to trying to stop the spread of COVID-19.

Motorcycles more cost-effective for medical deliveries than drones

Researchers have compared delivery of medical lab samples using drones or motorcycles. Their discovery has been that drones are not as cost-effective as using motorcycles for medical deliveries in most cases.

The curious case of the world's largest drone base

Niger is home to the world’s largest drone base, and it is being built by the USA at a whopping cost of over $100 million. The USA says it is to be used to fight terrorists in the region but is that the only reason for such a big drone base?

A look back at 10 years of digital disruption in Kenya

A look at a number of industries that have faced this disruption in Kenya. It is important to also state that the biggest enabler of this digital disruption is the smartphone.

New online bus booking platform for Southern Africa launched

A new Internet-based bus booking platform has been launched in South Africa. In addition to credit card, bus tickets booked on the platform can be paid for in cash at Pick n Pay stores across South Africa.

Everything announced at the first Google for South Africa event

Google held the first Google for South Africa event on 7 November 2019 after previously holding 3 Google for Nigeria events. Here is everything announced at the event.

Bus ride-hailing services are facing difficulties in Kenya

Attempts to bring major disruptions in this industry have always failed. However, a different kind of service has been gaining popularity in Kenya; ride hailing companies. However, in a different twist, the government has joined the party as a spoiler.