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Uber has launched a minibus service in Egypt

Uber has launched an option for users to book seats on an Uber Bus that travels along specific routes in Cairo, Egypt.

Zimbabwe has a new ride-hailing service

New ride-hailing service in Zimbabwe, Vaya, will first be available in Harare.

Teaching self-driving cars how to go off-road

Today's self-driving cars can't go on off-road paths, and will need new algorithms to handle those conditions.

Motorbike Mode for Google Maps now available in Kenya

Google introduced Motorbike Mode on Maps in Kenya.

Electric cars could help cut air pollution in most Afrikan cities

Afrika need to boost the use of electric cars to help the continent address transportation-induced air pollution.

Ride-hailing's potential to improve public transport

In many cities, ride-hailing apps are luring riders away from public transit and increasing traffic congestion. But with the right rules, they could enhance public transit instead.

Tesla stock up in smoke

Tesla stock drops by 11% in one week as senior executives resign and Elon Musk smokes weed during an interview.