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Egypt to manufacture electric buses

Egypt is set to jointly manufacture electric vehicles with China in the north African country.

Request a quiet driver with Uber Black

Uber introduces "Quiet Mode", for when you really don't feel like talking to the driver.

Uber releases speed dataset for Nairobi

Among the 5 cities worldwide for which Uber Movement Speeds historical data has been made available is Nairobi.

Network of drone testing corridors extended

Sierra Leone and Namibia become part of a global network of drone testing corridors for humanitarian projects.

Ghana to make use of drones for medical deliveries

Ghana is the latest African country to make use of Zipline drones for medical deliveries.

Flight data suggests that software system caused Ethiopian Airlines crash

An analysis of flight data shows that problems began at a point when the pilot would normally have engaged the autopilot software system.

Alexandria concludes a 3-month pilot of using an electric bus for public transport

Electric bus pilot concluded in Egypt.