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Future of self-driving cars in Africa

Once self-driving cars (also known as autonomous or driverless cars) hit our roads, we will be having the first true automobiles ever. However, what will be their impact in Africa?

Kenya's failed cashless public transport initiative

A few years ago, the government of Kenya legislated for a cashless public transport system for which they recruited some Big Tech companies to assist with. Needless to say, the initiative failed dismally.

Nigeria's raised $7 million

Nigeria's has raised $7 million in funding to expand its fleet and deploy mobile payments in partnership with Mastercard. The investment round was led by Novastar Ventures and saw notable participation from Japan's Yamaha.

Driverless cars will disrupt airlines

Skipping the hassle of flying – and the different headache of driving – gives self-driving cars a leg up when people are choosing how to travel.

Badly behaving Uber riders to be banned

Unlike in the USA and Canada where a rider's rating will be used to determine whether they are banned or not, in South Africa Uber will use the number of times a rider is flagged for bad behavior to determine whether to deactivate them or not.

Blood delivery drones in South Africa

The South African National Blood Service has launched its own unique blood delivery service that uses drones that have a range of up to a 100 km.

Uber will ban riders with low rating

Uber will start banning riders with a below average rating score. Just like how the Black Mirror episode, Nosedive, kind of predicted.