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Tech policies will determine a big part of Africa's future trajectory

The biggest indicator of how our countries and cities will look is, most probably, policies we are putting in place today to govern digital technology and not necessarily the technology itself.

Truecaller wants to record your calls

Truecaller, the caller-ID app that lets users automatically block unwanted and spam calls, has announced a new feature that will allow users to record calls. The "Premium" feature will first be available to Androud users. Demostration of how Truecaller's call recording Premium feature is activated. The company has

A partnership to allow unregistered businesses in Nigeria to accept online payments

Truecaller and Nigerian FinTech startup, Paystack, have entered into a partnership to allow more Afrikan businesses to accept online payments. The caller ID and spam call blocking platform has said that the partnership will leverage their mobile identity product, Truecaller SDK (TrueSDK). TrueSDK allows Truecaller users to utilize their Truecaller

Truecaller app is dangerous warns Egypt's Minister of ICT

Egypt's Minister of Communications and Information Technology, Yasser El-Kady, warned that some smartphone apps, specifically the Truecaller app, are possibly allowing terrorists access to people's address books and contact lists on their smartphones. El-Kady made the remark at a workshop entitled β€œFacing the promotion of terrorist ideology and countering it”

Truecaller interestingly selects Kenya for headquarters

In an interesting announcement towards the end of February 2018, Truecaller has decided to set up their head office for Sub-Saharan Afrika in Nairobi, Kenya. Along with this, the caller ID and call-blocking app have announced that Zakaria Hersi will be the company's new Director of Partnerships for Afrika. Before

Truecaller responds to privacy concerns

On 9 November 2017 we published an article titled "How the Truecaller app puts your privacy at risk" which went on to detail how the popular app does not request your permission to use your personal details even though you are not a user of their service. The

How the Truecaller app puts your privacy at risk

Truecaller, the caller ID and call-blocking app, has gained popularity worldwide since its initial release during 2009. The Swedish owned company behind the service, True Software Scandinavia AB, reports that it now has over 3 billion telephone numbers in its database and over 100 million Google Play Store downloads for