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Twitter shared users data unintentionally

Twitter has said that it shared users' location data with a trusted partner company "unintentionally".

How digital platforms can trick us

Uber's IPO will value the company at more than $80 billion, yet the data it collects on its users may be worth even more – and creates the potential for dangerous manipulation.

Twitter doesn't delete your deleted DMs

Even after 11 years, Twitter still does not delete your deleted Direct Messages (DMs).

Big Tech firms aren’t honest with us about all the data they collect

If you're worried your phone is recording your private conversations, look closer at the data you've already agreed to give away.

How social media platforms can clean up their acts

Without much delay, Facebook and Twitter could make significant changes to limit political manipulation and propaganda. Will they? And will users ask it of the social media giants?

Analysis of 3 million tweets by Russian "trolls"

3 million Russian ‘troll’ tweets explored: lessons from the rest of the world.

This scam used verified Twitter accounts to make over 28 Bitcoins

Promoted tweet scam that impersonated Elon Musk collected over 28 Bitcoins from unsuspecting users.