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Strategies to make extra $500 in 30 days

Making an extra $500 in just 30 days may seem like an impossible task, but in the age of limitless technology, there are ample opportunities on the web and abroad to make extra money in as little as 30 days.

Badly behaving Uber riders to be banned

Unlike in the USA and Canada where a rider's rating will be used to determine whether they are banned or not, in South Africa Uber will use the number of times a rider is flagged for bad behavior to determine whether to deactivate them or not.

Uber will ban riders with low rating

Uber will start banning riders with a below average rating score. Just like how the Black Mirror episode, Nosedive, kind of predicted.

Request a quiet driver with Uber Black

Uber introduces "Quiet Mode", for when you really don't feel like talking to the driver.

Uber releases speed dataset for Nairobi

Among the 5 cities worldwide for which Uber Movement Speeds historical data has been made available is Nairobi.

How digital platforms can trick us

Uber's IPO will value the company at more than $80 billion, yet the data it collects on its users may be worth even more – and creates the potential for dangerous manipulation.

Uber has launched a minibus service in Egypt

Uber has launched an option for users to book seats on an Uber Bus that travels along specific routes in Cairo, Egypt.