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Neo Hutiri wins big with smart lockers

Having started the chronic medication smartlocker solution known as the Pelebox several years back, Neo Hutiri has been awarded first prize at the 2019 Royal Academy of Engineering's Africa Prize.

The future of technology hubs in Africa

The future belongs to those tech hubs in Africa who’ll step out of the building to tackle inequality, diversity and fundamental social challenges.

FinTech startups are losing against cash

Cashless payments uptake has a huge uphill task to overcome until the merchant value proposition is sorted out.

HIV spreading faster than Internet access

The Internet now grabs the headlines in Africa, but the truth is HIV is spreading even faster.

E-commerce struggles due to this form

E-commerce companies neglect the realities of their operating environment in Africa where well labelled streets and addresses are nearly non-existent.

Binance hacked, 7,000 Bitcoin stolen

Hackers have stolen 7,000 Bitcoins (approximately $40 million) from Binance, one of the world's largest cryptocurrency exchanges.

Capital has no nationality

Capital is not patriotic, even some savvy African startup founders have domiciled their companies in tax-and investor friendly locations such as Delaware, Dubai, and Mauritius.