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According to UNICEF COVID-19 is leading to desperately unequal learning levels

Children with limited learning support at home have almost no means to support their education. Providing a range of learning tools and accelerating access to the internet for every school and every child is critical.

E-learning for Cameroon students after COVID-19 school lockdown

Cameroon's Ministry of Secondary Education has initiated an e-learning program to enable students to come up to speed with their lessons, while also attending classes physically.

Using data to combat COVID-19

An initiative that aims to have data on vulnerable populations and help track economic impacts of COVID-19. It will train and build capacity for data analytics and visualisation and to increase collaborative access to relevant data across the continent.

The global COVID-19 lockdown casts a harsh light on our data and privacy online

Reporting the results of a fresh survey on the adoption of cyber laws around the world, UNCTAD said that the vulnerability is even more stark among least developing countries, amounting to 43%.

Mohamed Salah partners with Vodafone and UNHCR as their first Instant Network Schools ambassador

Mohamed Salah is the first Ambassador for Instant Network Schools – which connects refugee and host country students to a quality digital education – as the program prepares to expand into his home country of Egypt for the first time.

We need to rethink how we provide Internet access

Given how important the Internet has become in our lives, perhaps we need to start seriously thinking about who and how Internet services are provisioned in each country.

Africans are charged over 3 times more the affordable mobile Internet rate

A report has found that mobile data costs in Africa are 3,5 times the "affordable" threshold. This is said to be as a result of low-level competition in most countries which is pushing up prices.