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The problem with Libra is Facebook

Governments have long been suspicious of private currencies for good reasons, and Libra is no exception. We must not be distracted by its proposed technical complexity, and instead, focus on how this technology is organised, put to work, and how its rewards are distributed.

FinTech startups are losing against cash

Cashless payments uptake has a huge uphill task to overcome until the merchant value proposition is sorted out.

How easy it is to be scammed using an NFC enabled POS device

Given how easy it is to make payments and how NFC enabled credit cards they require no user input, they present a security risk.

Paystack raises $8 million

Paystack, a Nigeria-based FinTech startup that provides payments tools to businesses in Afrika, has concluded its Series A funding round of $8 million. The Series A funding round was led by Stripe with Visa also participating while Tencent and Y Combinator also participated by providing follow-on funding. ![Nigeria Paystack FinTech

Contactless payments technology dominated the 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia™

Analysis of the spending habits of those attending the matches at the 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia™ has revealed that 50% of purchases used contactless transactions, including cards, mobile devices and wearables. This comes after global payments company, Visa, released an analysis of spending inside the 2018 FIFA World Cup

VISA won't process Bitcoin transactions

VISA's CEO, Alfred Kelly, has said that the global payments company will not process any Bitcoin, or any other cryptocurrency, transactions. Kelly said this in an interview where he explained that the company doesn't consider Bitcoin a payments systems player. Kelly further added that VISA will continue to only process

More South Africans are going online this festive season

A report released by payments company, Visa Inc., indicates that more South African consumers are becoming more comfortable with making online purchases through various e-commerce platforms. The report also highlights that online security remains a major factor in the adoption of digital payments and eCommerce. Consumers who were interviewed and