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License suspension of Vodacom Congo

After appealing the suspension of its 2G license, a court in the Democratic Republic of Congo has upheld Vodacom Congo's license suspension as ordered by the country's telecommunications ministry. The company now has 3 months to negotiate a new license before it goes for tender.

Vodacom appeals license withdrawal

Vodacom Congo has appealed to the country's top court to reverse the directive requiring it to renew and pay for a 2G license. This comes after a directive issued by the DRC's government in April 2019 saying that there was an irregular extension granted during 2015.

Safaricom and Vodacom to buy M-PESA

South Africa's Vodacom and Kenya's Safaricom have made a joint bid to buy M-PESA from the UK's Vodafone for $13 million.

Vodacom experiences drop in net profit

Vodacom Group reports it experienced a slight drop in net profit but a rise in revenue for the year ending March 2019.

South African app stops airtime from disappearing

This South African app says it can protect you from your airtime getting stolen.

Vodacom South Africa officially announces new music service

New digital music platform officially announced by Vodacom South Africa.

Free streaming service launched in South Africa

A new free video streaming service has been launched in South Africa.