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WhatsApp advertisements coming 2020

WhatsApp Status adverts are coming in 2020. This was revealed at the Facebook Marketing Summit 2019.

Protect yourself from these incidents

Two security scares in the past 24 hours should prompt you to make sure your software is up-to-date. But what are the risks?

WhatsApp hacked, update now

You should probably update your WhatsApp as a new vulnerability has been discovered that allows attackers to install malicious software remotely.

WhatsApp's new message forwarding limit raises concerns

WhatsApp's recent announcement on message forwarding limit raises some concerns.

WhatsApp bug reveals your messages to other users

WhatsApp bug allows other people to read all of your old messages.

The fear of being ghosted

Norms that exist in the real world don't necessarily transfer easily to the digital realm.

How WhatsApp empowers women in Nigeria

With technology, Nigerian women are able to become agents of their own change.