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Technology used to understand birds

This is how tracking technology gives new insights into the behaviour of migrating birds. Previously, most birds were thought to be guided by their genes during migration.

New wildlife technology lab in Kenya

A new wildlife technology lab in Ol Pejeta Conservancy has been opened and it will fit rhinos with tracking chips to save them from poaching

Endangered Wildlife Trust supports ecological and sustainable use of wildlife

In response to an article about South Africa's first online rhino horn auction, the Endangered Wildlife Trust states it "supports the ecological sustainable use of wildlife when it leads to the improved conservation of wild and free living species in their habitats."

Machine learning can help fight illegal wildlife trade on social media

This is how machine learning can help fight illegal wildlife trading on social media.

Gorillas pose for selfies with anti-poaching park rangers

Anti-poaching park rangers in the Democratic Republic of Congo take selfies with female gorillas.

South Africa’s first online rhino horn auction

The first online rhino auction in South Africa during 2017 wasn't a success. This has done very little to help rhinos. It may, in fact, encourage more poaching as demand has not slowed down.

Using Google Images to identify the diet of Africa’s largest eagle

Scientists now have a better understanding of what martial eagles eat. This is valuable for the conservation of this endangered species.