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Electronic gaming's positive aspects

The World Health Organisation officially classifies gaming addiction as a disorder. The recent classification sought to address the growing use of digital technologies where people turn to electronic devices at the expense of other things such as work (or school), friendships and socialising. But evidence to support the idea that

More data is needed to combat non-communicable diseases in Afrika

Addressing data gaps and strengthening of health systems could help Sub-Saharan Afrika reduce the rapidly rising burden of non-communicable diseases (NCDs), experts say. This was said during the third anniversary of Healthy Heart Africa (HHA), an initiative that aims to tackle hypertension and cardiovascular disease in Sub-Saharan Afrika. The experts

Nigeria's Anthony Azekwoh talks about their app for mental health issues

Nigeria has a mental health issue that is slowly brewing without many solutions in sight. According to the World Health Organization (WHO) in 2007, 20% of Nigerians suffer from mental disorders. What makes the mental health problem even a bigger concern in Nigeria is that most mental health facilities, few

EbolaCheck mobile test kits can now test for various other viruses

In the last months of West Africa’s outbreak of Ebola, as the disease was fading away at the end of a two-year epidemic that took a devastating toll, biochemist Sterghios Moschos was putting the finishing touches on a new diagnostic test he hoped would help spot infections faster. The

Afrika Needs To Integrate Information Technology Into Health Systems To Help Combat Diseases

Afrika needs to effectively integrate Information and Communication Technology (ICTs) into health systems to help combat diseases. For instance, Rwanda adopted the use of drones to deliver blood in 15 minutes, a task that took 2-3 hours before, thus saving lives and money, according to Andrew Rugege, regional director of