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Drones are being used in Ghana in the fight against COVID-19

Ghana has enlisted the services of Silicon Valley drone company, Zipline, in its fight to stop the spread of COVID-19. Zipline first started working with the government of Ghana in 2019 for the delivery of medical supplies.

Motorcycles more cost-effective for medical deliveries than drones

Researchers have compared delivery of medical lab samples using drones or motorcycles. Their discovery has been that drones are not as cost-effective as using motorcycles for medical deliveries in most cases.

Ghana to make use of drones for medical deliveries

Ghana is the latest African country to make use of Zipline drones for medical deliveries.

Rwanda is set to draft and adopt performance-based drone regulations

Rwanda's government has partnered with the World Economic Forum (WEF) to draft and adopt performance-based drone regulation for the East Afrikan country. This will, once again, see Rwanda continue to be a pioneer in the commercial use of drones not only in Afrika but across the world. Once finalized, the

Our most popular articles in 2017

Happy New Year! With 2017 coming to end, and this being the first day of 2018, we thought we would reflect back on our most popular articles during 2017. The criteria used is simple, these are our most read articles or most listened podcasts that were published in 2017. We

Tanzania Has Launched The World's Largest Drone Delivery Service In Partnership With Zipline

Tanzania has become the latest country to partner with Zipline as it has launched the world’s largest drone delivery service. The service will provide emergency on-demand access to critical and life-saving medicines. This comes after Rwanda kicked-off its medical supplies delivery service by Zipline drones in October 2016. Subsequently,