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Guide to online casinos – top gambling and casino information

If you are new to online casinos, you’ll first need to get acquainted with the requirements and the trails of the industry to ensure that your gambling experience is both rewarding and pleasurable. Different games are played with unique rules.

Growth and impact of mobile technology in Africa

The growth of Africa mobile technology can be attributed to a stable Internet connection. For instance, a country like Kenya is connected internally and externally by four optic cables.

A look into this week's biggest African business news

With all the technology available today, it just seems like more and more businesses are coming up with more unique and creative ways to draw customers from the competition. Just take a look at some of these remarkable African business stories.

Tech companies funding sport in Africa

A list of some of the companies that are involved in funding sports across Africa. This includes some notable technology brands.

Morocco remains popular choice among foodie travellers

Morocco is ranked among the four fastest-growing travel destinations among tourists from the USA.

Recover photos from SD cards

A guide on how to recover photos from an SD card and other sources.

How to strengthen the economy of African developing countries

Africa – one of the best continents in the world which is characterized by a vibrant culture and wonderful people. It is a hotbed of amazing destinations, and this is why you find people from all walks of life heading to this part of the world to enjoy their vacations or