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The bizarre and blissful world of Internet ASMR videos

Some of the most popular online videos are of people whispering, turning book pages or gently tapping computer keys. What is going on? A researcher explains the quest for 'brain tingles.'

Google's new podcasts app

Google has announced the availability of their new podcasts app. Simply named Google Podcasts, the app is integrated with the Google Assistant to ensure personalized podcast recommendations. Google has also said that using Artificial Intelligence, the Google Podcasts app offers recommendations based on listening habits. ![Google Podcasts](/content/images/2018/

iAfrikan Bytes - Bhekisisa Ngcobo explains South Africa's Youth in ICT strategy

30 April 2018 Bhekisisa Ngcobo, Chief Director (Youth and Children) at South Africa's Department of Telecommunications and Postal Services, joined us on this podcast to briefly explain what the country's "Youth in ICT" strategy aims to achieve. He also elaborates on what work is being done to keep

iAfrikan Bytes - Qhakhaza Mthembu and the iLizwe Lam youth ambassadors talk about the online safety programme

25 April 2018 Qhakaza Mthembu (Head of Strategy at Digify Africa), Nqobile Tshabalala (student / Ilizwe lam youth ambassador), and Jamie-Lee Simelane (student/ Ilizwe lam youth ambassador), join the discussion about online safety for youth in South Africa. Also discussed on the podcast is the iLizwe Lam youth safety training programme

iAfrikan Bytes - Facebook Africa's Emilar Gandhi on safety policies and data harvesting

25 April 2018 We sat down with Emilar Gandhi, Public Policy Manager at Facebook Africa for a quick interview. We discussed Facebook's safety and community #policies and tools, whether Facebook users should still be worried about Facebook third-party apps harvesting their data given the recent Cambridge Analytica saga, as well

iAfrikan Bytes - Gugu Zikhali talks about FNB South Africa's new digital banking solution for the unbanked

19 April 2018 Gugu Zikhali, Head of Transaction Products: Mass Market at First National Bank of South Africa talks about the bank's newly launched digital banking solution targeted at the unbanked and underbanked. Zikhali explains what motivated the bank to launch the eWallet eXtra mobile bank account and its features.