The connection between Shaka Zulu, decolonization and mathematical models

Decolonising mathematical sciences is possible. The answer lies in rediscovering existing African examples of teaching maths and including them in the Western body of knowledge.

The problem with mobile Internet in Kenya

The mobile Internet needs to be available just like electricity and water. In most places around the world, one can have the two in unlimited amounts, and at an affordable cost.

South Africans describe their pain of unemployment

Unemployment can affect one’s social status ascription as well, which manifests through stigmatisation, labelling, unfair judgement, and marginalisation.

South Africa's diverse community radio stations

Community radio stations have grown significantly in South Africa over the past two decades. Community radio’s isolation from the mainstream media has created an information ghetto that is bad for the country as a whole.

Radio in Ghana went from a mouthpiece of politicians to a voice of the people

Even in the age of social media, the majority of people in Ghana still listen to radio. There has been a steady rise in radio production in Ghana over the past 20 years.

Broker Choice - Trade online with FXTM

The history of ForexTime (FXTM) dates back to 2011, and its goal was to provide the Forex trading industry with the highest class trading finance tools and the best trading conditions. The company has managed to quickly become a world-famous brand.

Fighting big pharma from exploiting a South African wild yam

In the 1950s, the African yam was exploited by drugs firm Boots to produce cortisone. But South Africans fought back against the plundering of a plant that they used for traditional healing.