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Financial trading bots display behavior similar to that of people

Once algorithms, used by financial trading bots, go live on markets, they start behaving in ways that programmers could not have foreseen.

Safaricom is alleged to have sold customers data

In his handwritten statement to Kenya’s Police, Charles Kimani, an ex-Safaricom employee, makes some allegations that Safaricom sells customers data to various service providers.

Who will save Kenyans from predatory digital lending apps?

With the advent of mobile phones and increased Internet penetration, the borrowing of money has been shifting from traditional channels to electronic channels. This has come with its problems.

The ugly side of financial inclusion

If you scratch the surface, most of the “financial inclusion” offerings are just micro loans that run on a digital platform with fees and interest rates that keep their users in perpetual debt slavery.

A cashless society is the beginning of surveillance capitalism

With digital money surveillance (as we are currently witnessing with our personal data on various digital platforms) comes control and the ability for various actors in that cashless society supply chain to restrict how you use YOUR money or withhold it.

Hacking poverty away should be our goal, not hacking together apps targeted at poorer Africans

If you are going to sell poor people products and services that keep them in the vicious cycle of poverty then it is not a sustainable business practice nor something that can grow a country’s economy in the long term as they will eventually not be able to afford such products.

What you need to know about Kenya's new digital tax

It’s not clear yet who will be affected – or how Kenya's new digital tax will be imposed. However, it appears that potential targets include online taxi-hailing platforms.