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Nedbank doesn't know which customers were affected by data breach

In a statement to iAfrikan, South Africa's Nedbank has said that it does not know which of its customers have been affected by the data breach it mentioned as affecting 1,7 million of its customers. The data breach is reported to have taken place at one of the bank's suppliers.

Broker Choice - Trade online with FXTM

The history of ForexTime (FXTM) dates back to 2011, and its goal was to provide the Forex trading industry with the highest class trading finance tools and the best trading conditions. The company has managed to quickly become a world-famous brand.

China launching its own cryptocurrency could be the start of a global revolution

While technological change has been incredibly fast in the information era, the system of international payments has lagged behind. But once sovereign digital currencies start taking off, this will suddenly change.

Financial trading bots display behavior similar to that of people

Once algorithms, used by financial trading bots, go live on markets, they start behaving in ways that programmers could not have foreseen.

Safaricom is alleged to have sold customers data

In his handwritten statement to Kenya’s Police, Charles Kimani, an ex-Safaricom employee, makes some allegations that Safaricom sells customers data to various service providers.

Who will save Kenyans from predatory digital lending apps?

With the advent of mobile phones and increased Internet penetration, the borrowing of money has been shifting from traditional channels to electronic channels. This has come with its problems.

The ugly side of financial inclusion

If you scratch the surface, most of the “financial inclusion” offerings are just micro loans that run on a digital platform with fees and interest rates that keep their users in perpetual debt slavery.