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Kenya's payments silver bullet

We have all felt the immediate shock of key payment utilities going offline, whether as a consequence of ad-hoc system issues or scheduled maintenance. Here is a proposal on how they can be avoided.

Optimism about Africa's startup landscape

Most parts of the continent are still offline. Many still don’t have access to clean energy or even running water. However, there is good reason to be positive as many opportunities still exist that startups can capture and provide solutions for.

Zimbabwe wants to tax mobile money agents

Zimbabwe wants to introduce a tax for mobile money agents. This was revealed by Mthuli Ncube, Zimbabwe's Minister of Finance, in his recent mid-term 2019 fiscal review.

Rwanda to possibly issue national digital currency

The National Bank of Rwanda has announced that the East African country is looking into the possibility of introducing a national digital currency. One of the main concerns, however, is that of fraud.

Google clamps down on predatory personal loan apps

Google has published new guidelines for personal loan apps that want to be available via its Play Store. Among some of the notable terms is that apps that require full repayment within 60 days or less will be banned.

Opportunities still exist in Kenya's FinTech ecosystem

No one in Kenya's FinTech supply chain and ecosystem has quite figured out how to remove or mitigate all points of resistance, which means that there is still room for others to come in and create different flavours of value that will resonate with consumers.

How crowdsourcing can help the financial services industry

Crowdsourced innovation management plays a vital role in financial services firms of the future. As all the major financial companies look to gain the edge on one another, having an engaged and vibrant crowdsourcing community could well be a key asset in the digital era.