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Criminal charge laid against Stephen Birch for spreading COVID-19 fake news

A criminal charge has been laid against a South African man for distributing fake news about COVID-19. Stephen Donald Birch distributed a video on social media in which he claimed South Africa's COVID-19 test kits are contaminated and people must refuse to be tested.

To flatten the COVID-19 curve, South Africa needs to make sure all citizens can afford to stay home

South Africa won't flatten the COVID-19 pandemic curve unless all citizens have the means to stay at home. But for many, it's either they stay at home and starving, or go out to make a living.

How cybercriminals are taking advantage of the COVID-19 pandemic

As with what other countries are already experiencing, the cybercriminals may pretend to be providing coronavirus screening and testing, providing coronavirus vaccines being imported from other countries, providing medical advice on coronavirus.

South Africa's energy crisis needs ideas that also address the problems facing Eskom

The deluge of opinions and proposed solutions to South Africa's energy crisis reflects corporate and political interests.

South Africa to start regulating e-cigarettes

The number of users of e-cigarettes in South Africa is likely to grow and there are health risks associated with them. Now is probably the time to act and regulate e-cigarettes in South Africa.

Motorcycles more cost-effective for medical deliveries than drones

Researchers have compared delivery of medical lab samples using drones or motorcycles. Their discovery has been that drones are not as cost-effective as using motorcycles for medical deliveries in most cases.

What happens when you are under constant surveillance?

Those in support of constant and invasive surveillance by the state ask: “what do you have to hide?” when one opposes surveillance. However, they don’t understand the second and third order effects of constant surveillance.