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Social media and the future electorate

The influence of technology in electoral processes - its potential, as well as possible flaws.

MainOne to roll out fiber across Lagos

Nigeria's MainOne has launched the “Digital Lagos: Broadband for All” campaign with the aim of enabling the digital transformation of Lagos state.

Internet price increases in Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe's mobile networks have decided to increase their Internet data pricing, leaving customers angry.

International trade gang violence

Part of the reason why Huawei is blacklisted by the USA is that if Huawei builds the bulk of the world's 5G networks, it will have access to too much data which it could share with the Chinese government.

The future of technology hubs in Africa

The future belongs to those tech hubs in Africa who’ll step out of the building to tackle inequality, diversity and fundamental social challenges.

Didier Drogba's digital literacy initiative

Didier Drogba has signed an agreement that sees a digital literacy program launched to educate 10 million Africans on issues such as health, citizenship, and financial inclusion using digital literacy programs.

Social media shutdown in Somalia

Somalia has shut down social media. According to the government, this is to stop students from cheating during school exams.

Electronic education lifting communities

Technology education is another key factor that will most certainly shape Africa’s future.

Adapting education for the digital age

E-learning can serve as equaliser and boost diversity.