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Garmin hacked and customer credit card details stolen

Garmin notified its South African customers that their data personal data was compromised as a result of an alleged hacking incident. Apparently around 6,700 customers' personal data and credit card details were stolen as a result.

South African court rules bulk interception of communications unlawful

The South Gauteng High Court has ruled that mass and indiscriminate surveillance by the state on South Africans is illegal in a historic RICA judgement. However, the registration of SIM cards was not ruled on and will continue as per normal.

FBI arrested 281 people for Business E-mail Compromise scams

The FBI has arrested 281 around the world for Business E-mail Compromise scams this week including 167 arrests in Nigeria, 18 in Turkey, 15 in Ghana, while the rest of the arrests were made in France, Italy, Japan, Kenya, Malaysia, and the United Kingdom (UK).

Murray Hunter shares more details on South Africa's mass surveillance

Murray Hunter shares more details on South Africa's mass surveillance dating back to 2008. He explores what it possibly involved and it means for South Africans.

South Africa's mass surveillance revealed

South Africa's State Security Agency has admitted to bulk interception of communications. Specifically, the agency said that it tapped and intercepted Internet traffic going through undersea fibre cables.

Jack Dorsey's Twitter account hacked

In what was an embarrassing and shocking 30 minute period, Jack Dorsey's (CEO of Twitter) Twitter account was hacked. The hackers went to post racist tweets against black people and proclaiming Hitler's innocence.

Uganda is installing Huawei's facial recognition cameras

Uganda's Police Force is working with China's Huawei Technologies to install CCTV cameras equipped with facial recognition capabilities. Opposition political parties have raised concerns that this will be used to track and target them.